Athlete Development Program: Leadership Training

"The Leader Cup"


Bev Facey football is committed to improving, the technical skill level and leadership role of all football players. Along with being part of the football team students participate in a comprehensive year round leadership class. It teaches players to be better role models, leaders and members of society. It is important that we learn to make the right choices in life, in football, and in school.


"Leadership is a choice. Not a position." - Covey



The Leadership Program at Bev Facey Community High School is one of Facey’s pillars of excellence. Athletic Leadership is an inclusive program that has a high degree of personalization as students decide where their key learning will unfold. The leadership program encourages students to practice mentoring and leadership through individual, paired/partnered and larger group learning opportunities. Students are given opportunities to learn about and develop/foster their resiliency, to learn about and develop their own leadership skills and to take risks to grow in positive and productive ways via experiential learning. Students actively develop their own leadership strengths and aggressively model/develop servant leadership projects to foster leadership within the school context, the local community and on a global perspective.

Since 2000, students in the Leadership Initiative have raised over $150,000 for local organizations like the Youth Emergency Shelter Society, Sherwood Park Relay for Life, Edmonton Diabetes Halloween Howl, to national and international organizations like Canadian Harambee Education Society.The classes are both high energy and reflective in nature. We hope that every student who comes through the program, leaves with an enhanced skill set on how to work with others and the compassion to put others before self in future life endeavors.

Athletic Leadership courses are offered at the 10, 20, and 30 level, as part of Bev Facey’s six period timetable. Students graduating from Leadership will have enhanced teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and project management skills. They will also engage in a great deal of character development through team building, self-reflection and peer leadership opportunities. The Leadership Seminars is offered to students in all grades outside of the regular schedule, twice a month and on three weekends throughout the year.

Athletic Leadership 10 is focused on the building blocks of leadership. It is a popular class that quickly instills values of working with inclusive mindsets, kindness and enthusiasm for life into the daily routine.

Athletic Leadership 20 takes the lessons learned at the 10 level and applies them in the local community. AL 20 is all about getting practical experiences by organizing local initiatives to support local charities and organizations as well as supporting the numerous school focused events within the school. Students in AL 20 find the practical experiences working in the community to be “eye opening” and often life changing.

Athletic Leadership 30 is the practicum for the entire Leadership Program. Students in AL 30 organize a Leadership retreat for the entire Leadership Program, bring in guest speakers and engage all parties in a planning process for a Global Initiative. AL 30 students also take the lead in organizing all athletic tournaments, intramural programming, Metro league score keeping duties and our annual AL leadership summit with our local Jr high leadership programs. This is the course that allows students truly to be “the change they want to see in the world” (Gandhi). The more students put into this initiative, the more they will get out.

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