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Spring Camp Information

Spring camp is a period of intensive training and preparation for the upcoming football season. Coaches focus on refining players' skills, improving physical fitness, and fostering team unity through drills, conditioning exercises, and team bonding activities. Players compete for positions while coaches evaluate performances to determine team rosters and starting lineups. Safety measures are prioritized to prevent injuries, and parents are kept informed through communication from the coaching staff.  Spring camp offers a valuable opportunity for players to develop their abilities and build camaraderie in anticipation of the upcoming season. 

2024 Schedule

May 21st


(Current Gr. 9 Students only) @Facey


May 22nd - May 24th

4:30-7:15pm @Facey


May 25th

9-11am & 1pm-3pm @Facey

Blue/White Game

Cost: $100

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