Camp Registration

Fall Camp 2022 Begins Tuesday August 16, 2022

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Fall Camp Schedule:


August 10th- Parent/ Player Meeting at 6:30pm in the Banner gym

August 16th- First day of camp, check in at 3:30pm. Practice will be 4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 17th- Specialists 2:30-3:30. Practice  4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 18th- Specialists 2:30-3:30. Practice  4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 19th- Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 20th- Joint practice with Bellerose, we will bus out to St. Albert. Time TBD.

August 21st- DAY OFF

August 22nd- Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 23rd- Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 24th- Specialists 2:30-3:30. Practice  4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 25th- Specialists 2:30-3:30. Practice  4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 26th- Senior game vs LCI at 2:00pm at Taurus Field. Junior team day off.

August 27th- DAY OFF    

August 28th- DAY OFF

August 29th- Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm.

August 30th- START OF SCHOOL. Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm (Seniors). 4:00pm-6:30pm (Juniors)

August 31st- SPECIAL EVENT SENIOR (TBD). Practice 4:00pm-6:30pm (Juniors).

September 1st- Practice 4:15pm-7:15pm (Seniors). 4:00pm-6:30pm (Juniors).

September 2nd- DAY OFF for both teams.